How Blockchain-based Multi-biometrics Revolutionizes KYC for Cryptocurrency and FinTech — and what this means for private traders and exchanges

Written by Geoffrey Yuen, Digital Transaction Limited

1. Introduction
COVID-19 has brought face-to-face customer interactions with to a standstill, traditional banks are starting to allow P2P payments and update client information (e.g. home address) on mobile app. In response and without hesitation, the consumers are accepting this easy-to-use and time-saving mobile banking approach. With the disruptions brought about by the pandemic constantly looming overhead, efforts towards remote interaction will continue and persist in the financial sector, including banks and exchanges, currency and asset exchanges in the post-pandemic era.

Meanwhile, crimes associated with Business Email Compromise (BEC), Synthetic IDs, and identity…

Hello XPLL community,

Digital Transaction has recently migrated the ERC-20 smart contract for its utility token XPLL. The new contract serves as a significant upgrade to its predecessor in terms of its codes and additional network security features.

The new address is currently 0xb3b07030e19e6cef5b63d9d38da1acf2f3eb8036, whilst the previous one is 0xb43e5db58c93e858cbcc932cbfc7a8eb5ee03cf7; both addresses are verified by Etherscan.

The previous smart contract has now been “paused”, whilst its 41 XPLL holders have already been issued the equal number of XPLLs that they held under the current address. Airdrop participants will not be affected by this migration, as XPLL tokens will be directly…

This article originally appeared on Bitcoinist, and is written by Writer Taylor Scott.

Since its inception, blockchain has struggled to find its feet in the enterprise and consumers spaces; from concerns around scalability, privacy, transaction fees, to slow speed and high finality, the inherent limitations of blockchain have made it difficult for industries to fully accept this disruptive technology. …

This article originally appeared on TechBullion, and is written by Editor Angela Scott-Briggs.

The world of cryptocurrency is currently experiencing one of its most turbulent times in history, with prices of major digital currencies crumbling beyond imagination. The development has undoubtedly sent shock waves through the spine of different stakeholders in the market, with concerns on how the crash could affect Blockchain projects. …

Hello XPLL community! Digital Transaction is very excited to announce our next community event — a massive XPLL token airdrop! 1,000,000 XPLL will be distributed to participants in this event totalling up to $600,000 in rewards! Read below for rules and details:

⌛ Summary

  • Dates: CLOSED (May 24th11am UTC — May 30th 11am UTC)
  • Platform: Telegram — Airdrop Inspector Bot
  • Reward: Each participant who completes all the steps below 👇 will receive 25 XPLLs (equivalent to 15 USD).
  • Referral: Each successful referral will receive an additional 5 XPLLs (equivalent to 3 USD)
  • Distribution: End of June 2021
  • 🚨Please note that this is…

Hello XPLL Community👋!

Digital Transaction’s CEO and Founder, Ian Huang, recently participated in a “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session with the Satoshi Club Telegram community. The AMA took place on May 20 at 1pm UTC.

The total reward pool was $2500 and has been split into 3 parts:
1) Introduction and pre-submitted questions ($150)
2) Live questions from the Telegram community ($250)
3) Multiple Choice Quiz ($2100)

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who have participated in this highly entertaining and interactive AMA session. More community events to come!

For the full recap, click here👉

Digital Transaction, the blockchain technology company behind the revolutionary blockchain ParallelChain, has announced the early closure of Private Sale Round 2 of its XPLL token.

Over the past few weeks, we have received an overwhelming number of requests asking to purchase the XPLL tokens during the Private Sale. Due to massive oversubscription, the DTL team has decided to end Private Sale Round 2 earlier than the original scheduled end date of 31st May 2021. Any purchase requests that came in after 4th May 2021 06:00 ET will unfortunately not be considered. …

This article originally appeared on Cointelegraph.

An all-in-one blockchain that can be configured as a public, personal, or enterprise platform makes the case that it is the fastest and most scalable platform on the market.

by Connor Sephton, Head of Advertorial at Cointelegraph

A blockchain network delivers unlimited scalability and a record-breaking 100,000 transactions per second — features that could transform the way this technology is used.

ParallelChain, developed by Hong Kong-based blockchain startup Digital Transaction Limited, says it is the only blockchain platform in the market that has successfully solved the three major pain points of first-generation blockchains with…

By Anjali Sriniwasan, Journalist at AMBCrypto

This article originally appeared on AMBCrypto.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have evolved a lot over the past few years, and it is now gaining enough momentum to go mainstream in the near future. For cryptocurrency and blockchain to have real-world applications, scalability is a pain point that needs to be solved. A lot of current blockchains are unfit to handle a large number of transactions and lack speed, latency, privacy, and security.

With ParallelChain®, we finally have a blockchain that has seemingly solved these glaring inefficiencies. Developed by Digital Transaction, ParallelChain® delivers near limitless…

by Vladislav Sopov, Blockchain Analyst and Writer at U.Today

This article originally appeared on U.Today.

ParallelChain® is an all-in-one decentralized blockchain ecosystem for retail and enterprise-grade use cases. Why is it superior to existing solutions? And which “market pains” can it cure in numerous segments of real-world businesses?

ParallelChain® by Digital Transaction

About three years ago, at the peak of the blockchain hype, many projects and businesses were lured by its promise to solve many problems. These blockchains were conceptualized for Bitcoin and were never suited to widespread enterprise adoption. …

Digital Transaction Team

Creator of ParallelChain™: Fastest, most scalable and the only GDPR privacy compliant blockchain with provable immutability

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